Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Second day on the job and all's well. I shot most of the paper for this week and cleaned it up for printing. I left shortly before it was "put to bed", but rest assured I shall see many issues through to the bitter end for a time to come. :)

I just got back from the last performance of Working. It was not exactly a down note, but rather a "grace note" that we ended on. The audience was slow to warm to the show tonight, but once they did, it was fetes and fireworks all the way! I hope that I can do more theatre of some kind in the near future, but I think I've fulfilled myself for the next little while, anyway.

Tomorrow morning I get my first actual photo assignment for the paper. I will be taking shots of an award presentation at the local high school. At 8 in the morning. No one said it was gonna be a glamorous job! :P

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