Sunday, August 23, 2009

YouTube 38

I thought I would take a few moments to sing the praises of YouTube. I know that it may sound a bit like a Ric Romero story, but I have become more and more attached to the service over the past few months.

One big reason I have found myself more into YT is because I am implementing 21st century technology in my classroom. Granted, this is an unusual thing to do as a theatre teacher, but as a tech theatre teacher I find that projectors, DVDs and internet access can only help me as I try to teach students about sets, lighting and sound.

Last week I started a unit in my Fundies class on improvisation, and in order to illustrate it to them, I downloaded several clips of improve troupes playing games and having a rather good time of it. Suddenly, a group of otherwise bored and sullen teenagers became interested and involved with the process. We all had a great time as I guided them through games like Party Quirks and the Question Game.

Another thing I like about YouTube is that I have been able to look up music videos I had long since forgotten. I have also beheld the meme wonder that is Keyboard Cat and, to my slight shame, I have indulged in the meme myself with a work of my own creation. YouTube: teacher, memory box, time waster!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Two Hundred Twenty Eight Reasons I Haven't Been Keeping Up

Sorry if I've left everybody (anybody?) hanging the past few months. Just know that I was busy with a few things:
  • I had a productive second semester at Salem, even if it seemed that the world was trying to crush me like an empty milk carton. Still, I'm back and so far it seems that things are going much better so far.
  • Part of the reason for this is I began pursuing a Master's degree at Columbus State University this summer. Classes went well, and I am just beginning to scratch the surface of my potential as a teacher.
  • Ian entered kindergarten a couple of weeks ago. He's having some adjustment problems, and it's making Kathy concerned about whether he'll be able to stay in their afterschool care program. I hope that we can get it worked out, otherwise I may have a five-year old assistant at school with me.
  • I turned 43 a few days ago. It was one of my better birthdays; Mom came up, Kat and I went to a party on Saturday - the only complaint I have is my new camera has still not come to my house.
Hopefully I'll be able to write a bit more now that I'm synching with Facebook. I may even be able to post pics once the new cam comes. Stay tuned, folks.