Monday, April 16, 2007

Too Close To Home

I was thinking about posting something here about the weekend, maybe something to do with the Don Imus situation, but all that was thrown out the window this morning.

Someone (or some people, I'm not entirely sure) has shot up the Virginia Tech campus, and as of this moment, at least 22 people are dead. People here at the newspaper are listening to radio broadcasts and streams, and awaiting news of any local casualties. Frankly, I'm praying that's not the case. I'll try to keep a running commentary as I hear anything new on the situation.

1:50 pm

Now hearing on WVTF that between 20-30 are dead.

2:23 pm

Someone in the office just said the toll's up to 32.

2:35 pm

Now the New York Post has as its top story 32 dead, 21 injured.