Monday, February 10, 2003

First day at work today, under a blanket of snow (that melted by late afternoon, mostly). I think this is going to be a great place to work. I took it as a good sign when I saw the owner of the paper shoveling snow off the walkway as I approached the office.

The guy that I'm replacing is pretty cool. He's leaving to start his own web-design venture that he's been "side projecting" for a while now. The job itself looks like it's going to be a blast. Once I got the basics I was editing photos like nobody's business. :) Thank God for Photoshop is all I have to say. Kathy and I even got to have lunch together and walk a little around downtown Lex.

Tonight was "taping night" for Working. This was the show that's going to live on in audio/visual form forever, or damn near it. The guy taping it said he'd have DVDs of the show (yes, you read right; DVDs!!!) sometime in the near future. It was okay, except for the fact that I forgot my hat for the last number. Or at least I think I forgot. I'll know when I see the show tape, or DVD, or whatever.

Tomorrow is gonna be a long day. I'm working at the paper and getting it ready for printing, which I'm told can be a long day, indeed! Then, I have the last performance of Working, followed by strike, which will last no later than midnight, or so I'm told. We shall see. We shall see.

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