Saturday, January 26, 2008

On Wisconsin!

As some of you know, I started a new job this month, and it involves a little bit of traveling. I'll try to keep you updated on my journeys and where they take me.

This week, I went to Wisconsin for a research trip. It was one I was looking forward to, chiefly because I had never been to the land of Weezer, "Happy Days" and Mike Nelson. Yet, on MLK Day, there I was - flying on a direct voyage to Milwaukee.

My partner got to MKE and immediately got a rental car to complete our voyage to Madison. It was snowing when we started and kept going harder and harder as we made our way down I-94. As with any snowy situation, it seemed the harder it snowed, the worse the traffic became. Homestly, I think it was more risky to be on that interstate at night than it was for us to fly in.

We finally got into Madison around 9:30 that evening (10:30 Eastern) and went to our hotel. I believe this was the first time I had been in a hotel room without the wife or boy in about seven years, and it was definitely thei first time I had been in a hotel room alone in about 13. It was a bit lonely, but as compensation I did have cable and wifi. A small compense, perhaps, but it would have to do for the next few days.

During those days, my partner and I scanned a wide variety of images and took photos of artifacts for a book we're working on. It's about the history of the University of Wisconsin's football program. Interesting program, and I have to say that their sports information department really has a well-organized archives. Of course it wasn't until we left that I realized that the reason for that is they just moved into that building less than two years ago. I'm sure they took that time to get their historical house in order.

A few observations from the trip:

1. If you get comped tickets for a basketball game (or other sporting event) in Wisconsin, be prepared to leave early for the arena. REAL early.

2. Bratwurst on the UW campus = full of win. Bratwurst at the airport = teh suxxor.

3. Walking on a frozen lake at 7:30 in the morning will remind you of what it's like to be alive - just watch out for ice fishing holes.

4. The Heisman Trophy is one heavy SOB.

Anyways, that's my story, as I sit here writing in my "Nothing tips like a cow" t-shirt. I almost came home with a cheesehead, but I resisted the urge. Pics to come. Soon.