Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Clints 100 To-Do List

On a message board for my college theatre group, someone challenged the rest of us to come up with a list of the 100 things we'd like to do before we die, and post it on New Year's Day. I'm pleased to say that I was able to compile such a list, and now I'm sharing it with you. Have fun!


1. Leave this world a better place than when I came in.
2. Run a marathon
3. See Ian graduate college
4. Learn to play guitar and piano
5. Write a play or novel for publication
6. Go to Ireland
7. Have a luxury weekend
8. Spend a holiday helping the poor
9. Orbit the earth
10. Collect coins from every nation on Earth
11. View a total eclipse in person
12. Shake hands with a current President
13. See Willie Nelson in concert
14. Learn to speak fluent Spanish and Latin
15. Bring my brothers and sister together for a party
16. Have another child
17. Build my own furniture
18. Have a photo exhibit somewhere
19. Start a theatre company
20. Climb a Rocky Mountain
21. Go coast to coast in a convertible
22. See Bruce Springsteen in concert
23. Read the Iliad and Odyssey
24. Preach a sermon
25. Call a pro wrestling match
26. Drive a motorcycle
27. Hang glide off Grandfather Mountain
28. Learn to dive properly
29. Create a sculpture
30. Visit Lenin’s Tomb
31. Teach Ian to play baseball
32. Watch every Oscar winner for Best Picture
33. Make friends with someone from a completely different culture
34. Try mushrooms, just once
35. Own a basset hound
36. Live with the Amish for a year
37. Publish a comic book/graphic novel
38. Walk the Via Dolorosa
39. Ride a horse long distance
40. See the Great Pyramids
41. Win a blue ribbon at a county fair
42. Have a speaking role in a major film/television series
43. Sport a Mohawk
44. Learn a martial art
45. Get another tattoo
46. Deliver a baby
47. Celebrate an anniversary in Tahiti
48. See a Steelers game at Heinz Field
49. Dance with Kathy at a ball
50. Learn how to drive a tractor-trailer
51. Make it into the Guinness Book of World Records
52. See Prince in concert
53. Participate in a battle reenactment
54. Run for public office
55. Sing a solo in church
56. Be a CNN expert
57. Go on an archaeological dig
58. See a major league game in every baseball stadium in a season
59. Learn calculus and physics
60. Be grand marshal in a parade
61. Appear and WIN on Jeopardy
62. Host a dinner party for my best friends
63. Fire off an RPG (on a PRACTICE RANGE!)
64. Hang out with Eddie Vedder for a night
65. Ride in a hot-air balloon
66. Grow up without growing old (or is it vice versa?)
67. See one of those freakin’ Magic Eye things
68. Let everyone I love know that I love them
69. Play Santa Claus for kids
70. Throw out first pitch in a baseball game
71. Plant a flag at Omaha Beach
72. Settle things with my first two unrequited loves
73. Streak a major public event
74. Vacation in Cuba
75. Travel in a submarine
76. See KISS in concert
77. Participate in a political rally in Washington
78. Play Macbeth, Lear, Cassius, and Falstaff
79. Thank Paul and Ringo for being Beatles
80. Have a HUGE Christmas with family and friends
81. Be a redshirt in a Star Trek movie or TV series
82. Retrace Ferris Bueller’s day off
83. Send my mom to the Bahamas with a 25-year old Dominican
84. Learn to ski or snowboard
85. Watch a bullfight
86. Do a reunion with Andrea and Diona
87. Direct a mainstage play for UTP
88. Appear in an opera as a supernumerary
89. Go to Niagara Falls
90. Give a huge sum of money to a charity for abused and neglected children
91. Go to help out during a disaster
92. Achieve my ideal weight for my height
93. Attend every play on and off Broadway in one single trip
94. Write a joke for “The Daily Show”
95. Celebrate Christmas in London
96. Race a car along the track at Daytona
97. Look at myself as others see me, and be comfortable with it
98. Watch a sunset in Key West
99. Learn to rollerblade
100. Enjoy life