Wednesday, February 5, 2003

Counting down to opening night, which is Friday, officially. However, we have a preview going up Thursday, which means that our true grand dress is tonight. Wish me luck.

Last night's rehearsal was all well and good, except for the moment when one of the actresses had a wooden box dropped on her head. I was next to her and grabbed the box before it could do any more damage. She got a knot on her head, but otherwise was fine, and after a few minutes she was ready to do her solo.

Oh yes, my parents are coming up this weekend to see the show. We think we're ready for them to come up. We've offered them our couch to sleep on, but I'm betting that the odds are they'll end up sleeping in our bed. Not that that's a big deal, mind you. I just hope we can have a good visit from them. :)

Finally, it's entirely possible I might have a job by the end of this week. More later.

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