Thursday, February 20, 2003

Busy last few days at the paper, but I'm home "relaxing" for tomorrow.

I watched American Idol last night. Well, actually I watched the "Best of the Worst" episode, which collected some of the worst auditionees from their screenings for AI2. You know, when I first heard about the show and about Simon Cowell, I though "How dare he! Telling people they can't sing." After watching that episode, however, I am inclined to think Simon may be doing mankind a service. Some of the people they had on there were EXCRUCIATING!!!!

None of them stood out like Keith, however. For those of you who missed it, lemme 'splain. Keith was this guy who auditioned in Atlanta. He had a bowl haircut, was ever so slightly chubby, and wore this green sweater that made him look like he had interrupted his game of Everquest to come audition. He described himself as being interesting and unique, then proceeded to launch into a version of "Like a Virgin".

Notice I don't say "sang". It was nasally, it was flat, it was delivered with all the enthusiasm of a court summons, but NO WAY was this even close to singing. Keith even attempted some Madonna-esque "dancing" to try and sell the song. Thankfully the judges didn't buy it. Or maybe they did; it was hard to tell from the way they hid their faces as they laughed.

Once they recovered, they asked him to sing another song, out of pity I suppose. Keith then mangled a version of "I Wanna Dance with Somebody". When he finished, Simon informed him that he would not be moving on in the competition. And Keith actually looked shocked that he wasn't going. *sigh* Crazy, crazy world.

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