Monday, May 27, 2002

Home again, home again, jiggity jig! We finally made it back to Boone about 10 last night, and now Kathy's gone to Lexington to interview with Washington and Lee. I'm just sitting here looking at piccies and my new Cybunny.

I should have a page of vacation pics soon. Until then, keep your feet on the ground and blablablah.

Sunday, May 26, 2002

Day 8, and I (we) are now at my parents' house in Davisboro, GA. We'll be headed back to Boone later this afternoon, and after a night's rest, Kathy heads to Lexington VA for a job interview.

The last couple of days were fun. We went to an aquarium, where we petted a stingray (friendly, but slimy). We spent some time at the beach looking at the sunset and looking for shells. Yesterday we went to Clearwater Beach and spent some time wading around. The waters there are the clearest (thus the name) that I have ever seen in an ocean. It was almost like stepping into a Carribbean travel brochure.

The trip back here yesterday evening was L-O-N-G! Kathy has sworn that next time we go down there, we are going by way of Savannah, but I plan to go her one better. Next time, we are FLYING! In any case, much thanks to Mike Adams, my buddy at Busch Gardens, for the passes to the park, and to Kathy's parents for the use of their condo.

Next report will be coming from Boone, lest something interesting happens in the next few hours.

Thursday, May 23, 2002

Day 5 of vacation finds me here, back again at the internet cafe/ice cream shop checking my blog comments and e-mail. Kathy, her mom and I went to see her 94-year old grandmother in the nursing home the other day. Flora didn't speak much, and she hardly recognized Kathy, but when Kathy told her we were getting married, Flora's face just beamed with happiness. :)

Later that evening Kathy and I went to the beach to watch the sunset and collect shells. I took some great shots of Kathy and the sun. My first West Coast sunset! *sniffle*

Yesterday was a fun one as we took off for Busch Gardens. The park wasn't very crowded (we attributed that to midweek and most kids being in school) so the waiting lines for the rides weren't very long. The best one of them all was the Montu, what I like to call a "dangling" roller coaster. We rode it twice and loved it both times. We also got drenched on the Congo River Rapids.

We ended the day shopping; I bought Kathy a Hello Kitty mermaid, and she bought me a...

*pause for dramatic effect*

...a NeoPet plushie!!!! It's a Cybunny, and he/she is gonna go great with the rest of the bunnies we have at home. :) We came home and were passed out by 10pm.

In any case, we're off to have some more fun. Next report from the road should be sometime Saturday. Have fun, y'all!

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Well, here I am in an internet cafe attached to a grocery store in Tampa (actually on the shore of Indian Point Beach) FL, and Kathy and I are having the time of our lives on vacation! :)

We got here Sunday afternoon after spending a total of 14 1/2 hours on the road (not counting a six-hour rest stop at my parents' in Davisboro GA) and settled into our temporal digs at Kathy's parents' condo in Largo. We saw my old buddy Mike Adams, who is working at Busch Gardens and gave us a pair of free passes to the park to use this week.

Monday we went down to the beach and took a look around. I have never seen water as greenish-blue and beautiful as the Gulf of Mexico. I definitely prefer it to the Atlantic Ocean, I can say without fear of contradiction. We've already hit two seafood restaurants and gone through a few frozen drinks. More news and piccies when I can get to a computer. Bye now!

Friday, May 17, 2002

One more day, one day more. Today was a busy (and very productive) day at work. We should have a good bit of spendin' money when we get to Florida.

I'm also pleased that my "daily reads" list finally appeared on the left hand side. If you want your blog linked to mine (and vice-versa), just e-mail me:

More later on this CBS (Clinster Bloggin' System) station!

Thursday, May 16, 2002

Less than 48 hours until we head to Florida for vacation, and we have done NOTHING to pack yet. It will be done though. :)

Kathy's interview went great. She's one of two finalists for the UT job. She has an interview next week for the job at Washington and Lee. Me? I'll just be happy to go anywherer else but here.

I'm changing my mind regarding the job at Lees-McRae this summer. I'm of the opinion that I want to go traveling this summer, and that's especially strong considering that I have someone to travel with. Plus, I can make more than I would at LMST if I work a couple of nights a week at either Storie Street or Mike's. I haven't sent my signed contract back to them yet. I may send a letter of withdrawl instead. Besides, if Kathy ends up getting these jobs, we may have to spend July moving to a new town.

Another post before we leave for vacation, I swear.

Monday, May 13, 2002

It's been a week. Can't say as it was a particularly busy or noteworthy one, but it was a week that kept me hopping, nonetheless. Where to begin?

Well, Kathy and I got through App Chorale this past week. We had our concert presentation of Handel's Messiah parts II and III on Tuesday, and it went... okay. Kathy couldn't get enough of the sight of me in a tux, which was just dandy by me. :) We went out to Macado's afterwards and had a couple of sandwiches while we participated in our favorite "going-out-to-eat" pastime, doing the crossword. Unfortunately the evening was almost ruined when our waitress spilled a cup full of au jus into my lap. Fortunately, the cup was sealed, so the family jewels were saved a scaldin'.

In other news, Kathy has three potential jobs lined up. As I type this she's in Knoxville getting set to interview with the University of Tennessee. In the past week, she's also gotten letters of interest from Washington and Lee University in Virginia, and the Medical College of Georgia, located in my old stompin' grounds of Augusta. We'll just have to see how it goes. If I had my druthers, I'd rather be in Knoxville, but it's the coupleship that counts, innit?

Work continues apace. Nothing much to report, other than I got the days off to go on vacation, finally. Ah, to be on the beach in Florida. I'll be there soon enough, though. With salt in my hair and sand in my toes and zinc on my nose, ho-ho!

That's about it for the moment. 5 days to vacation, folks! :D

Sunday, May 5, 2002

Well, the trip to Richmond was pretty good, although it took longer than I expected. I met up with my old buddy Chris Booth while I was up there. Found up that he and his girlfriend Stacie had broken up a couple of months ago, as have Matt and Miranda. Otherwise, Booth is doing fine up in Virginia; he's thinking of moving to NYC in the fall to further his acting career.

My audition went well, I think. The casting director toold me just to relax and take it easy. They were videotaping it and told me to start over if I needed to, which I did. We had a substantial talk afterwards and I got a lot of information about the company and touring. I don't know if I'll take the gig if/when they make me an offer, but I think this was a good experience in general.

Afterwards, Booth and I went to see Spiderman at the local multiplex. Good movie, if I say so myself. Tobey Maguire did a good job of capturing the young, just-starting-out-as-a-superhero Peter Parker. The effects were pretty nice too.

That's all for now. No Friday Five, obviously, but maybe this coming week. :)

Thursday, May 2, 2002

An intersting day. First Kathy and I went to counseling, where we basically had a better time through it than we've had since we started going. Of course, we both cried some while we were in there, but I think it's been beneficial for the two of us to be able to talk to someone about our relationship without the conversee taking one side or another.

Later, Kathy took off for Knoxville for her job interview tomorrow. Unfortunately her brakes went out as she got on the other side of Elizabethton and she had to be towed back to Boone. Due to the crappy weather, and due to the fact that she's already put in a long day of working, schooling and waiting for a tow truck, Kathy is going to have to wait until next week to interview.

I just hope this isn't a portent for my own travels tomorrow. Friday Five soon...