Tuesday, November 12, 2002

I'm feeling better than I did last week, politically speaking. I won't go into it any more than that.

Not a bad weekend, to say the least. Kath and I went Friday night to the local art house theatre to see Monsoon Wedding. Pretty good flick, and it didn't involve Steven Seagal in any way. (note to Crink: I hear you're gonna be AWESOME in that film. Kudos!)

Anyway, Saturday we spent in Roanoke. We went to one of the malls there and I tried on a tux. I'm gonna need one soon, and not just for the wedding. We are in a choral concert next month and in March, and we have a couple of fancy-dress events coming up at W&L and I'll need a tuxedo for all of it. One thing I will say; trying on tuxes made me think about my need to lose weight and exercise. I felt a little embarrased when the sales lady almost has me try on a 2XL vest.

Later, we went to Barnes & Noble to look around. I picked up "Live from New York", which a totally fascinating read. I recommend it to all of you out there in TV land. While there, Kathy ran into a schoolmate of hers from ASU. Not exactly like meeting someone from your hometown in Germany or anything, but...

Yesterday was an intriguing day, to say the least. Good Morning America was here in Lexington, as part of their "50 cities in 50 states" dealie-yo. I had to go the long way to drive Kathy to work yesterday morning (her car's in the shop). The town held a veteran's Day parade at 7 IN THE MORNING for these people. My God, I feel like I've been dropped into a Capra film here. lol In any case, they were gone by mid-afternoon 9apparently they were dragged to a dedication for a bridge that's been in use for at least the past six months.

A bit of good news to end it, because some people need good news once in a while. :) I got a letter from the Employment Security Commission last week. Seems that they decided that although I was dismissed from my last job, it was not due to any wrongdoing on my part. I can hold my head up on that note, and on that note, I shall bid you Adieu until next time.

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