Monday, November 25, 2002

100 (or so) things about me (#51-60)

51) You can cuss in front of me, talk in graphic detail about your previous night's sexcapades, or even tell me how great you thing Dubya is, I don't mind; but if you want to get on my bad side REAL quick, the best way is to start talking about others in a racist tone.

52) I love, love, LOVE flannel shirts. Even before grunge was cool, I was a flannel freak.

53) I have seen my home on fire three times in my life. I lost everything I had in two of them.

54) I have a tattoo on my right ankle, one that I designed myself. I got it in January '97, as a christmas present from Crink and her then-fiancee Kyle. It has become more precious to me over the passing years, and I've thought about getting a second one; I'm just not sure if I'm ready for it yet.

55) Despite my tattoo (which incidentally is on one of the 5 most painful places to get a tat) I have no piercings on my body. I briefly entertained getting my left ear pierced, but decided against it. A friend of mine once tried to convince me to get my tongue pierced, but I could never do that. Never.

56) When I'm involved in a theatrical show, one of my traditions is that I bring a Bill the Cat doll with me. I picked up Bill several years ago at a flea market in Augusta GA, and he's been with me ever since.

57) I wish I could have spoken to each of my grandparents before they died, to say goodbye and that I loved them.

58) When I was in college, I was involved for several years with the Diabetes Association's annual benefit musical (they're now the Kidney Benefit). During that time, I was always cast as the villain who meets a dastardly end. Therefore, I quickly became known around Aiken as "the man who dies".

59) I am a BIG fan of roller coasters. One of my personal future meccas is King's Island park in Ohio, which is home to some 50+ roller coasters, including the tallest in the world.

60) Those that know me know that I love me some Saturday Night Live. I started watching it in the late 70s, at the tail end of the original Not-Ready-For-Prime-Time players, and have watched it almost continuously since. Sad, I know, but...

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