Monday, November 25, 2002

100 (or so) things about me (#41-50)

I'll be speeding this up a bit as I'm going to NC for Thanksgiving tomorrow (Tuesday).

41) I would definitely say that my politics range left-of-center, liberal, progressive, what have you. Some people I've known in the past seem surprised by my political leanings, probably because of my generally quiet nature.

42) As big a Star Wars nut as I am, I didn't see the original movie until 1982. I actually saw The Empire Strikes Back before Star Wars (A New Hope). I still think Empire was the best of the series (at least until Episode III comes out).

43) I love women's soccer, and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

44) I've had to wear a cast twice in my life. Once was in 1994, when I punched a steel wall in a fit of anger; the second time, in 1995, I fell on my wrist badly during rehearsal in my first season of outdoor theatre. Of course, it was the same arm and the same wrist both times.

45) In traveling between the mountains of North Carolina and Georgia/South Carolina over the course of three decades, I developed an interest in the "lost towns" as I call them. Those are the towns that I always signs for, but never got a chance to visit, that were off our usual route. Towns like Forest City and Spindale in North Carolina, or Enoree in South Carolina. I used to imagine what kind of towns they were, when I was a kid. Maybe one day I'll visit them and see how accurate my picture of them was.

46) Back in 1981-82, my family as a collective became whizzes at Circus Atari. Well, everybody except my mom, who has NO technological gifts. Stick figure clowns "popping" digital squares posing as balloons; what could be better?

47) The first computer I ever used was a Radio Shack TRS-80, which I think had 16k of memory. Today, I have a watch that has more memory.

48) My favorite foods are (cuisine) Italian, Thai, Mexican, or good old fashioned home cookin'. I also love Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia, and any kind of pasta with pesto sauce.

49) My favorite non-alcoholic drink is sweet tea (the house wine of the south). My favorite beer is Guinness (on tap, natch). My favorite mixed drink is Jack and Coke. I can no longer look at Southern Comfort without getting ill (ask Kathy why).

50) If I had to take one team in each of the four "major" American sports to support they'd be the Braves, Steelers, 76ers, and Edmonton Oilers.

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