Wednesday, November 27, 2002

100 (or so) things about me (#1-10, FINALLY!)

1) So, where am I a native of? Well, I was born in Louisville, GA, but the place I spent the most time in my life (so far) was Aiken, SC. All told, I have lived 25 years of my life in either North or South Carolina.

2) I started my collegiate education at the University of South Carolina-Aiken in 1987. I graduated in 1999. A lot of the time I was attending I was part-time, and I sat out for a few years here and there. If I measured in purely class time, I was at USCA for 7 years. Not exactly something to crow about, but still... I'm a graduate.

3) I'm basically a shy person, so when I first meet someone I'm a bit reserved. Once I get to know people, however, I warm up pretty well.

4) Of course, I consider theatre to be my life. My steadfast involvement didn't really take off until my sophomore year in college; my first play, though was in 1975, at the Beech Mountain (NC) Baptist Church Christmas pageant. My one line was "Christmas comes but once a year, so let's eat and play and have good cheer."

5) My first "secular" role in a play came in my senior year at Evans (GA) High School. I played Professor Kokintz in The Mouse that Roared. Once I had gray paint sprayed into my hair, I knew that I would be forever typecast.

6) My first college role was as the title character in Mr. Scrooge's Christmas. Seems that through most of my college days I was playing either the Grumpy Old Man or the Bumbling Idiot.

7) I have shaken a few famous hands in my life. I met Jon Bon Jovi and Sebastian Bach (somewhere I have a photo with the former), said "what's up" to Speech from Arrested Development, shaken hands with (and swiped the chalk of) Kurt Vonnegut, and talked nuclear disarmament with former UN Secretary-General (and recovering Nazi) Kurt Waldheim. Not that I'm proud of that last thing; I met him in '83 when I was in the Model UN, a few years before the Nazi stuff came out.

8) I am a total mark for Mystery Science Theatre 3000. When I forst saw the show, I convinced my friend Christa Cox to tape it for me; she lived in North Augusta, and we didn't get Comedy Central in Aiken. I have about 40 episodes on tape. This may not push me into total geekdom, but I can see it from here.

9) I have been as far west as Woodward OK, as far south as Miami (actually a little south of), and as far north and east as NYC.

10) My favorite colors are black and blue. Anything else?

Next time: The Thanksgiving report. Turkey for me and-a turkey for you...

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