Monday, March 31, 2003

Kathy and I went to Boone this weekend to see my dad. He's feeling better, but he's having to monitor his O2 intake. I'm just glad I never got seriously hooked on tobacco.

While we were there, we hired a photographer, got the last of our readers lined up and picked up a few more things for the wedding. It looks like we've gotten pretty much all of the arrangements done. Now comes the hard part: paying for it all. It looks like I'm gonna have to hustle up some freelance/wedding work in the next few weeks. I think I can do it, though. There is a dearth of wedding photogs in this area, and I think I have enough sample stuff to show that I can land some jobs. Even if I shot "only" 4 weddings between now and July, I could make enough to cover my end of the wedding costs. Cross your fingers.

As for the Kathy/her dad and stepmom situation: I got on the phone and talked with her dad Saturday. We talked for a bit on this whole situation, and Dale seems as confused as I am about it. I told him that the two of them needed to talk one-on-one, and he said he would be receptive to a call from Kath. I then asked Kathy to call her dad to do this, and she agreed. I think they will talk, and once they do, I think they will get to a common ground that will let everyone enjoy this wedding.

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