Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Been a busy week, so lemme gloss over the details...

Kathy and I sang in the RCS's Israel in Egypt. It was great both nights, as was my Honey Bunny Bear. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to sing the first part last night. We ran late getting the paper to bed, and I got there just in time to hear them starting the first act of IiE. Ah well.

The wedding plans are progressing. We have a marryin' place, a receptin' place, and a honeymoonin' place. We're even traveling by train (rrrRRRrooowww!) to our destination, New Orleans. In a private sleeper. Guess, if the train's a-rockin', don't bother knockin. :D

The job is going well. I just wish I had a more convenient place to park in the mornings. I've done a couple of shoots in the past few days. It's just a treat going to a job and not having to put on a name tag or ask if they want fries or baked potato with their newspaper.

In any case, more later, on this CBS station.

Meantime, go here and see our in-progress wedding site.

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