Monday, March 24, 2003

I just finished watching the Oscars a couple of minutes ago. Nice show, with several surprises (good thing I didn't run an Oscar pool at work!). The thing that got me the most excited was Michael Moore's win for Bowling for Columbine.

After he was snubbed for Roger & Me several years ago, it was great to see him finally win for Best Documetary. I thought it was also a great gesture that he brought all his fellow nominees up with him in a show of solidarity. In case you missed it, this was the point when the sparks really flew. Moore then went on to criticize the Bush administration, essentially calling it a fallacious presidency engaged in a fictitious war. Several in the audience booed him as he made his statement, but I didn't care. On a show where (allegedly) the producers had urged winners and presenters to refrain from making waves with their statements, he more than made up for the silence.

On to more localized news...

I went to Boone (and back in one day) Saturday to meet with our probably videographer. The man and I talked about his background, his process, and of course, his pricing. He even showed me a montage of some of his past work, which I have to say was very well done indeed. I just hope we can actually afford to pay for his services. Here's why:

Kathy is currently more than a bit angry at her father at the moment. She had wanted him to pay for the documentation of the wedding, since her mom was taking care of the reception, and my parents were paying for the rehearsal and dinner. We are taking care of the ceremony proper. Well, when Kathy discussed it with them last night, they balked. Then tonight, her father offered $1500 for the video and photography in lieu of a wedding present. Kathy is more than a little steamed about this, since her father paid out for the rehearsal and a wedding present for her brother at his wedding.

I'm hoping that this can be resolved fairly and peacefully, but just in case, Kathy has already made plans to have her mother walk her down the aisle. We'll have to see how this pans out. But just in case...

Can anyone tape a wedding and/or photograph it for a ridiculously low amount of money?

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