Tuesday, March 4, 2003

1 MINUTE AGO: I brought a 4-pack of toilet paper to my honey.

1 DAY AGO: I was getting ready for bed after a full day of singing and cleaning.

1 WEEK AGO: I was listeining to Kathy rehearsing for her upcoming recital.

1 YEAR AGO: I was working two waiting jobs, and getting accustomed to living with my fiancee.

Current Clothes: A black "Neostyle" t-shirt and striped boxers.

Current Mood: Comfortably contented.

Current Music: Kathy singing art songs from the bathtub "The Lord is my strength and my song..."

Current Taste: Chocolate Oreos (shhh!)

Current Hair: Touseled, somewhat graying, and in need of a trim.

Current Annoyance: Michael Savage

Current Smell: An interesting balm Kathy brought home from Murfreesboro, TN

Current thing I should be Doing: Getting some Z's. I'm shooting the paper tomorrow, which means a 10-12 hour day.

Current Desktop Picture: Lovecat, being very Zen.

Current Favorite bands/singers: Well, I've been singing Joe Jackson today for some reason.

Current Book: Top Ten Signs a Movie Character is Doomed, by Richard Roeper

Current Movie In VCR: None, but the DVD most recently hosted Amelie. THe VCR was last home to a tape of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 episodes.

Current Refreshment: Vanilla Coke

Current Worry: money, and planing for the approacing wedding.

Current Crush: Same as it's been since July 28, 2001; Katherine Ann Truett

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