Friday, March 21, 2003

Just got back from seeing Frida at the local art house. Excellent movie. Salma Hayek gave a great performance, though I think Nicole Kidman will probably win best actress for The Hours. However, this is not the crux of my blogging.

Before the movie began, on of the people in charge of the Troubador announced that they would be selling the posters in their lobby for $10 apiece. Usually, once they've shown a film, they mount the poster on fibreboard and display it out in the lobby. Thus the lobby was choked with all kinds of cool posters. When Kathy and I heard the announcement, we were determined that we were gonna get the posters for Amelie and Monsoon Wedding.

Unfortunately, they were gone when we got there, so we assuaged ourselves with copies of Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Boys Don't Cry. It took us to the point where we reached my car before we noted the interesting juxtaposition of those two posters. Plus we're not entirely sure where we're gonna put them. Oh well. :)

The Kitten Pile continues...

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