Saturday, November 18, 2006

Pleasant Valley Saturday

We got an early start to our Christmas season today. We worked on getting our living room cleaned up and Kathy put up our Christmas tree. We figured we’d better do it now, since the next few weeks are going to be absolute Hell for us. Well, maybe not absolute Hell; things could definitely be worse.

This was also a momentous occasion for us, as we took Ian’s crib and put it in the attic. He’s been sleeping pretty well in his “big boy” bed, and the crib has pretty much become a semi-open storage unit in the meantime. Hopefully, we’ll be able to use it for kid #2 in the near future; we’ll see how that goes once we move away from here.

Tonight, many of my friends are gathering in South Carolina to remember our mutual passed away friend David. Someone described it as being our group’s “Big Chill” moment. I just wish that I were there to be a part of it. In any case, I’m waiting for one of them to call me so I can talk to some of them and commiserate.

Go Buckeyes!

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