Monday, November 27, 2006

28 Days Earlier

Well, after getting home and taking a break the last couple of days to unwind, Kathy and I (well, mainly the Kath) got the house decorated for Christmas. The tree’s up, the tchotchkies are out, and the outdoor lights are strung up. We tried to string up lights along our porch, but several of our strings were half or entirely burnt out.

I’ll try to put up some pics of our decorations in the next day or so. Sorry this isn’t a huge post, but I’m not in a huge posting kind of mood. Maybe tomorrow.

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ombra said...

hey, please post pictures! I am suffering from "what in the hell is going on" syndrome with the holidays this year. I've ranted on my blog, but I seriously would rather enjoy the month of december! HELP!!!!