Sunday, November 5, 2006

The Last Pumpkin on Halloween

Finishing up the first part of my adventurous week that was, I need to talk about our Halloween. I went as a zombie, Kathy went as a witch, and Ian was a dinosaur, or “Dido” as he calls it.

I woke up about 6 Halloween morning to apply my makeup, seeing as how I promised my love that I would do her makeup as well before we all went off to town. Almost as soon as I finished (this took about 45 minutes,) Ian and Kathy both woke up.

Kathy waked into the room and almost pooped herself when she saw me. Her first words were “Do you think Ian’s gonna be scared of you?” There was only one way to find out. She brought him out of his room and set him on the floor. Almost immediately our boy, still sleepy from a late night, crossed the floor to my chair, curled up in my lap and grabbed his morning juice cup, not even bothering so much as a furrowed brow on my part.

I took this as a sign that either

1. He was an incredibly fearless boy, or
2. My makeup job absolutely sucked

After doing Kathy’s makeup and getting Ian dressed, we all went to town and our respective stops. People kept coming by my office during the day to see my makeup. If we had had a costume contest, I think I might have been the winner, or a close second.

The crowning touch, though, was when Kathy and I went out for lunch. As I was getting my drink, a coed from W&L came up to me and said “You even did your hands. Man, you’re hardcore!” Yes, I even applied makeup to my hands to get the creepy vibe going. I wish I had time to distress some clothes for my costume, but the naturally ratty stuff I found in the bottom of my dresser served equally well.

Anyway, there’s not much more to tell about that. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have a more ribald tale to tell. Maybe.

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