Saturday, November 4, 2006

Gunfight at Malone’s

So, I’m sitting here on the group W bench… nonono

OK, so aside from the “Jeopardy!” auditions, things were… interesting last weekend.

Sunday, we almost got thrown out of a restaurant downtown. We had just gotten out of church when we smelled something delicious coming from the restaurant located near our parking space. Kathy asked if I was hungry, and despite a nagging feeling in my stomach that this would not end well, I agreed.

We went in, took our seats and I went out to get a newspaper. I should have known something was up when I returned, because the waitress asked me what I wanted to drink, and when I asked her to repeat herself (I didn’t hear her) she asked the question again in a much ruder tone. I told her “umm, Coke, Pepsi, whatever”, and returned to my seat.

We ordered our sandwiches (after some confusion over who was getting chips or potato salad) and an appetizer of cheese fries, and got down to family bonding. Ian got restless, so I had to walk him around the restaurant until he calmed down. A couple of minutes later, the waitress brought out our cheese fries.

Now, unbeknownst to me, Kathy had been trying to flag down our waitress to see if she could bring out some chips for Ian. She was ignored, and when the fries came, Ian wanted some. Unfortunately, they were still hot from having been fried and covered with molten cheese. Despite our best efforts, we could not cool the fries down enough for him to eat them, and so when he put one in his mouth, he would inevitably burn his mouth and scream.

After a few minutes of this, our waitress came over and informed us that we would have to move to another part of the restaurant. It would have been kinda acceptable if she didn’t have this smug smirk on her face as she informed us we’d have to move (NOTE: we were the only table with a child in the place.) Kathy immediately got indignant and told her that we’d just leave instead. Kat sought out the manager before we left and told him about our problem. He took care of our meal, and we left.

The two of us were just shaking all the way home at the rudeness that the waitress displayed. When we got home, I volunteered to go out to Taco Bell to get ourselves some lunch. I had to wait a half-hour to calm down enough to go there.

When I eventually did, I found there was a bus load of special needs people in the restaurant. I just decided to wait it out, and when I got to the counter to order, I was very courteous and thanked the cashier when I got our food.

A couple of days later, we were giving a friend of ours (who’s from Massachusetts) a ride to work and told him of our experience. The restaurant advertises itself as being “a pub in the Boston tradition”. Jonathan queried “So, what, they’re rude?”

In any event, if you ever come to visit us in Lexington, you can have your choice of restaurants to go to. Except Malone’s; attempt no landing there.

Next time: Halloween with the Clintster and family.

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