Thursday, May 1, 2003

A little blast from the past, courtesy of The State:

Louie & the Last Supper

Jesus (Tom): I tell you this. You will not break bread again with me until it is in heaven.
Excuse me. Excuse me? Peter, John? I'm talking here. it's kind of important.

Peter (Kevin): Sorry. You were saying?

Jesus: I was saying... I tell you this. you will not break bread again with me--what are you whispering about?

John (Joe): Nothing, nothing.

Jesus: No, you were talking about something. I hate it when people do that. Could you just tell me what it is, please?

Peter: No, it was nothing. I was just telling John here that Louie's coming tonight.

Announcer: And now, Louie! The guy who comes in and says his catch phrase over and over again.

Jesus: Louie, Louie, the "Gonna dip my balls in it one?"

John: Yes, he's coming, he's coming.

Jesus: Oy vey. Who invited Louie?
Judas? Judas, why did you invite Louie?

Judas (Ben): What? I thought he would lighten the mood a little bit. He's funny! Dippin' the balls in it thing? it's a good bit!
Oh, now I'm the bad guy. I mean, everybody likes Louie, right?

Jesus: It's not that I don't like Louie. I love Louie. I love everybody, that's my thing, man. It's just- the balls-dipping thing, it's cheap, you know?
It's not my sense of humor. Tonight I thought it'd be the thirteen of us...

Louie (Ken): Hey everybody!


Louie: Who's got something for me?

David: I do!

Louie: What is it?

David: Babagaloush (?)

Louie: I wanna dip my balls in it!!

All: Yay!

Louie: Who's got a plate of something?

Mike B: I do!

Louie: What is it?

Mike B: Potato Colga.

Louie: I wanna dip my balls in it!!

All: Yay!! Louie! Louie! Louie!

Jesus: Peter- Peter, John, James, you don't wanna stay with me tonight?

Peter: Well, come with us. We're going over to Louie's. He's gonna dip his balls in some things!

Louie: I wanna dip my balls in it!!

John: Come on, Louie's waiting. Let's go!

James (Todd): We'll have supper next weekend.

Jesus: Real quick, seriously. I'm dying for the sins of the world, and of of you's gonna deny me, and one of you's gonna betray me!

Louie: I wanna dip my balls in it!

Mike S: We have the warrant for the arrest of Jesus of Nazareth. Are you Jesus of Nazareth?

Jesus: He just went that way, he's got a short-sleeved shirt and a tie, and he's yelling about his balls.

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