Thursday, May 22, 2003

Whine Line Time!

For those of you who are former Augustan/Aikenites, allow me to fill you in on what you're missing in this week's MetSpirit Whine Line:

(in order, and summarized for your pleasure)

*The GA legislature sucks
*The Chronicle and Austin Rhodes both suck at predictiing elections.
*Lowell Grenbaum (and local Democrats) suck.
*Teenagers suck
*Organic food sucks
*Gov. Perdue sucks for "betraying" conservative Repugs
*The dating scene sucks
*Trash pickup sucks
*Greenbaum sucks (again)
*Leadership Augusta sucks
*Segregated proms suck
*Sen. Joey Brush sucks
*Columbia County Repugs suck
*Dubya sucks
*Nightclubs for teens suck
*Frank Spears sucks
*This Modern World sucks
*The water department sucks
*Texas Dems and the Augusta commisioners suck
*Paving the canal path sucks
*Dubya, corporate nepotism, and ignorance about Iraq and 9/11 sucks
*The right-wing media suck
*Columbia Co. Sheriff's Dept. sucks
*Whiners about "lawn men" suck
*Not being able to see into publicly financed facilities sucks
*Not buying from local farmers sucks
*Not stopping liberals and Negroes sucks
*Privatized (and public, even) probation sucks
*Young teenagers throwing stuff sucks
*Dubya still sucks

There, I saved you about 10 minutes. You can thank me later.

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