Monday, May 5, 2003

Randomenities for Monday...

1) The weekend was pretty good, if a little rainy. The Kath and I went to Roanoke and bummed around for a while. We ate at a pretty good Italian place downtown (I had Chicken Mafia, she had shrimp and scallops), she found the shoes she had ordered were too big for her feet, I got Phantom of the Opera (the 1925 version) on DVD, and we saw Bend it like Beckham (good movie).

2) I can't seem to lose much weight. The wedding is coming up, and I want to be able to fit into my tux and not look like a London taxi coming down the aisle. Looks like I'll have to redouble my efforts in the exercising department.

3) Ashton Kucher must never be allowed to host Saturday Night Live ever again. Never, ever, ever, ever, EVER!

4) You can groom a dog, shampoo her 'til the cows come home, and pamper her like she was your own child, but if it's rained outside and she needs to go tinkle, she will find a way to get messy.

5) I will never let the grass grow as tall as it was this weekend before I mowed it. Reason 1: it took me two hours to get it mowed (and I didn't even get around to trimming it). Reason 2: I'm tired of undressing to go to bed or showering and finding a tick on me. Luckily, Kathy managed to pull the most stubborn one off my back before it managed to bury itself in my skin.

6) Only 75 days until the biggest day of my life.

That is all. Return to your stations.

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