Saturday, April 26, 2003

Here in North Carolina, visiting my parents, and Kathy's mom. The Kath had her recital last night, and did quite well. A couple of weeks ago Kathy showed me a tape from her brother's wedding about 7 years ago; she sang "Ave Maria" for the ceremony. It was incredible just how much progress she has made in her training over the past few years.

Some weird things have been happening to me over the past couple of days. What happened to me Thursday is something I'll save for the next blog post. Yesterday, however, is something I'll ruminate on now.

So I got into town yesterday for Kathy's recital and decided to get my haircut so's I could look presentable. I went to a salon in Blowing Rock, and got a walk-in appointment. The beautician and I talked for a while about my engagement, the impending wedding, the weather and lots of other stuff.

After the haircut, she offered to wash my hair to wash away the loose hair. I agreed and she gave me a good shampoo. When I was finished, I started to get up, but I felt her hands clamp on my shoulders as she started to give me a shoulder rub.

"This is new..." I thought. Anyone else ever get a massage with a haircut? Didn't think so. And all the time she was calling me "Handsome". Eep!

After all that, I paid for the haircut, and she handed me her card, saying "Now, next time you're in town, look me up and I'll cut your hair again." I just kinda shrugged and left. It was a weird moment, to be sure. Not like Thursday, though. More on that later.

Oh, by the way. Thank you all (you know who you are). ;)

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