Sunday, October 7, 2001

Spent a nice weekend with Kathy. We went to her mom's place Saturday night, and after having a fantastic dinner, we all went out on the Blue Ridge Parkway to look at the changing leaves. Absolutely beautiful. I wish I had my camera, but Kathy's mom brought hers along. I took a few shots, and I hope I cna post them here or on my main site as soon as possible.

Afterwards, Kathy and I came back to Boone and she bought me an early Christmas present; a practice book for the GRE. I hope to take the test in December, and then move on to grad school. Kathy and I have been discussing the possibility of the two of us going to UNC-Greensboro, me for an MFA in acting, and she for her doctorate in voice. I hope we can do that.

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