Sunday, October 14, 2001


I suppose I should put this into my blog, seeing as how it's, y'know, a significant milestone in my life.

This past Thursday, Kathy and I were talking about grad school, and the fact that if/when I go somewhere next fall, we will be separated by the distance from there to Boone for a year (well, 9 mos. from August '02 to May '03). Anyway, she said she wanted us to get married before I left, so we could be connected while we were apart.

So we agreed to get married. I'M ENGAGED!!!!! WOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! *does happy dance all over the 'Net*

We plan on being married in May of next year. She wants to wear a purkle dress, and have lots of music. She also wants to see a marriage counselor beforehand, to find the potential weak spots in our impending betrothal. I still need to get her a ring, but that will come in time (and after I pay for the GRE). Still in all, the thing I never thought would ever, ever happen, but always wished I could do, is happening. :)

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