Monday, October 15, 2001

I told my parents this afternoon. Mom and Dad both cried, and so did I. All the siblings are very happy for me, as is everyone I've talked to on the phone today. My friend Steve Palmer accepted my offer to be my best man, and both my brothers have offered up their services as groomsmen.

I took the "Princess Bride" personality test today. My scores are as follows. These are the characters I am most like, ranging from most to least:

# 1 Fezzik
# 2 Inigo Montoya
# 3 Wesley
# 4 Buttercup
# 5 Max the miracle dude
# 6 Prince Humperdink
# 7 Count Rugen (6-fingered guy)
# 8 Vizzini (or short bad guy)

If you haven't taken it yet, go to the link above.


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