Tuesday, January 21, 2003

This or That Tuesday! Yaaaay!

1. Super Bowl or World Series?

If it's the SB vs. a random game of the WS, then it's Super Bowl time. But as a whole event, I'll take the Series anytime.

2. Winter or summer?

*sings* *I get a little warm in my heart when I think of winter*... but I like summer better.

3. Look up numbers in the phone book, or call directory assistance?

Look it up.

4. Mashed potatoes or French fries?

Omigod, I have to CHOOSE??!? Mashed potatoes, with gravy of course.

5. Hand-code your website, or use an editor (such as Front Page)?

Editor, though I still like fiddling with the code by hand.

6. Freeway or winding country road?

*Sings* *Country Rooooooads, take me hooooome...*

7. Star Wars or Star Trek?

Trek. Better mythology, more humanity, less Jar-Jar.

8. Disney or Warner Brothers cartoons?

Oh, Warner Brothers, by far! Disney cartoons always seemed a little stilted for my taste. Of course, I'm only referring to the short films.

9. When it feels chilly in the house: crank up the heat or put on a sweater?

Both. If you're Kathy, you also cut some wood, put cats on your feet, and stick your cold hands on my belly to make me jump.

10. CBS or PBS?

Regular post later.

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