Thursday, January 23, 2003

I was just flipping through the channels a few minutes ago, when I came across a movie on Turner Classic Movies. It was called Panama Lady, and it was just ending when I came in. There was a young lady in a diner talking very seriously to a gentleman seated across from her.

The lady was quite striking (and surprisingly modern-looking; at first I thought I was seeing a fairly recent black-and-white film, based on her hair and clothes), but she looked familiar. I couldn't place her face, so I hit the info button on my remote.

It was Lucille Ball. Forget what you know about her. Forget the candy factory, the Vitameatavegamin commercial, the towering red hair, THIS was Lucy before Desi. The film itself is kind of a proto-noir, and from what I saw, Lucy could do drama quite well. I was really blown away by how young and promising she looked. Wow.

In other news, there is now a movement to use a plan by one of my all-time favorite architects to replace the World Trade Center. See the story below.

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