Friday, January 10, 2003

And I'm jumping on another weekly list. It's actually based on a game that I liked to play. I never thought of a solid name for it, but enough of my yakkin', let's boogie with:

This or That Tuesday (on Friday, no less):

1. "Time" or "Newsweek"?

Time. Just because I like the red border. :)

2. "Wall Street Journal" or "National Enquirer"?

The Enquirer. I have an easier time believing that aliens kidnapped bigfoot and Roseanne's secret love child these days.

3. "Sports Illustrated" or "Cook's Illustrated"?


4. "Martha Stewart Living" or "MAD Magazine"?

MAD. Better TV show, and the magazine's actually INTENTIONALLY funny (sometimes).

5. "Cosmopolitan" or "Maxim"?

Maxim. Better sex tips, at least for me.

6. "People" or "Entertainment Weekly"?

EW. Good reviews, and great articles.

7. "National Geographic" or "Readers Digest"?

National Geographic, although I used to collect both magazines when I was a kid.

8. "Good Housekeeping" or "Popular Mechanics"?

Hmmmm, I supposed I'd have to take PM.

9. "PC World" or "MacWorld"?

Oh, PCWorld, by a LONG shot!

10. "Southern Living" or "Yankee" (magazine about New England living)?

I'll go with Southern Living. It's a regional thing.

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