Thursday, January 23, 2003

I will try this again, since apparently my dog ate my blog post from last night. :P

Kathy's mom has come and gone. She went back to North Carolina Monday, along with her menagerie (three Westies and a cat). It was nice to see her and all, but GOD this place was a zoo! Kath and I joked about taking all of our animals to her place next time we go; when I saw the evil gleam in her eye, however, I figured she MAY not be joking about that.

Rehearsals are still going reasonably well, despite the fact that Agnes (the director) has completely changed blocking on two different ensemble pieces in the last two days. She has also arranged a field trip for us for Saturday, where we will have an actual day of working outside.
On a Saturday.
In Virginia.
In the middle of winter.
Starting at 6am.
She says it'll be fun. I'm just hoping I can make it through without any appendages being frostbitten.

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