Tuesday, July 8, 2003

This or That Tuesday 7-8-03

Not a bad one, I must say:

1. Strawberries or blueberries?
Blueberries... mmmm, blueberry cheeeesecake!
2. "Legally Blonde 2" or "Terminator 3"?
Ehhh, Terminator 3, but I'd much rather see The Matrix Reloaded.
3. Hamburgers or hot dogs?
Don't make me choose, please! Gimme both, and a lotta potato chips!!!
4. Boating or hiking?
Let's go for a hike!
5. Suntan lotion or sunblock?
Sunblock. As I've told Kathy numerous times (as stolen from a comedian), "I'm Irish. You put me in the sun, it's like putting tinfoil in a microwave."
6. "Big Brother" or "The Amazing Race"?
Ew, neither, but I'd watch The Amazing Race first.
7. Beach Boys or Jimmy Buffett?
Shoot me now.
8. Grow your own produce or buy from supermarket/greengrocer/farm stand?
I'd love to grow my own. Maybe I can someday.
9. Drive with car windows/top down, or with air-conditioning on?
Put the top down, crank the tunes, and ride, baby, ride!
10. Go away for vacation, or stay at home?
See the above answer!
More wedding stuff later.

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