Sunday, July 6, 2003

13 days (and it figures!)

Another person has dropped out of the wedding party, and it was my best man.

Steve Palmer was supposed to be my best man, and when I asked him to do it, he agreed, saying "There's nothing that can keep me from it." Unfortunately something has.

A couple of weeks ago, he and Matt Garland got jobs at a time-share resale place. They both asked for time off to come to the wedding. Their boss told them that only one of them could go, and Matt told Steve to ask for the time off and let him worry about making money.

Then Matt got fired a few days ago for not meeting quotas. Steve is "on the bubble" as he put it, and so he has chosen trying to keep the only job he has now over my wedding. And although I understand having to make that choice, I am still a little steamed that it had to happen so soon before the wedding, especially in light of my brother and sister-in-law not coming (see below).

Anyway, I called Cliff Dyches to take Steve's place, and he agreed to do it, with the warning that he's done this twice before and both couples later divorced. But hey, third time's the charm, right?

Er, right?

*sigh* I need a beer.

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