Monday, July 14, 2003

5 more days

Yep, the numbers are getting smaller, and the excitement, anticipation, and flop-sweat is growing! The wedding is almost upon us, and it's, well, if you've been married before, I hope you can empathize.

Wedding presents have been coming to the house via UPS for the past few days. It's like coming home and finding our Santa Claus has been to visit. So far we've received several dishes in our pattern, a couple of cool frames, and a book on... well, I'm not sure, but it's very technical and I fell asleep and drooled on one of the pages while trying to read it. That last little gem was from one of Kathy's ex-boyfriends; he has a DRY sense of humor.

Kath went to Boone this past weekend to take care of some last-minute details and to do a test-run of her wedding day hairdo. She called me Saturday evening to tell me that she was going to wait until early Sunday AM to come home. This is significant since her birthday was yesterday. I sighed and went to bed Saturday night, disappointed that I wouldn't be able to spend all her birthday with her.

Imagine my surprise then, when at 6 AM I heard the screen door closing. I thought either the cats were getting out or the house was being broken into, but it was Kathy coming home from NC. Turns out she decided to leave at 2 that morning because she missed me so. We had a good birthday together, even if I had to work at Ruby's that evening.

Oh yes, and before I forget, I am now a member of the North State Blogs ring. Thanks, guys!

edit: Hopefully the logo will show up to the right here. Let's see, hmmm?

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