Thursday, July 31, 2003

Leavin' Louisiana in the broad daylight

The week since the return from our honeymoon hasd been hectic, to say the least. Busy at work, busy (and a mess) at home, plus we are traveling to Helen GA this weekend to attend my sister's wedding (which I only found out about two weeks ago; GRRRRR!). And, This-or-That is on hiatus.

In its stead, I present:

The Top Ten Things I Learned on My Honeymoon

1. A train is a cool as hell way to travel, but if you get a sleeper car, make sure your travel buddy doesn't eat any foods that even remotely cause gas at least 48 hours before the trip.

2. If you're planning on staying in the French Quarter on a trip to Nawlins, pack some earplugs. That is, unless you don't plan on sleeping or are one of the 3 people on Earth who can sleep with rented Harleys roaring by your hotel room every 7 minutes and 38 seconds (trust me, I timed it).

3. The muffuletta is THE greatest sandwich on Earth. and the best place in the world to get a muffuletta is at Central Grocery.

4. If your goal is to get as drunk as possible on Bourbon Street, then a Hand Grenade from any of a number of to-go vendors is the way to go.

5. Pat O'Brien's is not as jockish as its name might imply. However, their world-famous Hurricanes are definitely made for two people to consume.

6. Don't wander into St. Louis Cemetary #1 unescorted, day OR night. And for God's sake, don't mention the fact that the Superdome is built on top of an old cemetary.

7. There is nothing like being serenaded by a gay waiter at a burger joint at midnight in the French Quarter while you're on your honeymoon.

8. Rasta Superman rules the night.

9. A Branson t-shirt will not get you beaten up if you wear it in New Orleans. Bring an overshort with you, though, just in case.

10. Sex shops in the Big Easy? Surprisingly underwhelming.

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