Thursday, December 5, 2002

And so the Clint McGuire "750 Miles of Edutainment" tour comes to an end, at least for now. For those of you that didn't know, I took my GRE on Tuesday and went to Richmond VA to take a look at the VCU theatre program. Here's how it all went.

I left for Boone Monday, leaving Kathy at home with a stomach virus she caught from her (our) nephew Ben, who caught it from one of Kathy's mom's friends. Anyway, I got to Boone and settled myself in for a night of studying. When I couldn't take it anymore, I went to bed and tossed and turned in anticipation of the next day.

Tuesday, I went to ASU and checked in for the GRE. Now, I had last year's guide, and I studied based on that one, which had the analytical questions section in it. Well, when I got to the testing center, I was in for a nasty surprise, because I found out that the Analytical section is now an Analytical Writing section, and it was the first friggin' thing I had to get through. Well, I got through it and the rest of the test, and when I finished, I got my preliminary test scores.

Verbal: 650

Quantitative: 600

The Analytical Writing will be graded later by a board of scholars, so I'll have to wait for my official scores to come back to see how I did on them. I left Boone and heard that they were expecting 11 inches of snow there on Wednesday. I got home, told my still-sick honey"I love you" and went to bed.

Wednesday morning I went to Richmond. I took the back roads, thinking it'd be faster than the interstate. Turns out it was only marginally faster, and once I got on the other side of Buena Vista, I had to climb and then descend a pretty steep mountain. I decided that if the winter storm was as severe as they were predicting that I would take the Interstate back.

I got to VCU just in time to meet with the head of the grad theatre department. She talked to me for a while then handed me over to a graad student for a tour and a sit-in on two classes: movement and directing. I really felt at home at VCU; everyone seemed to get along quite well, there was a strong sense of cameraderie in the air, and they made me feel welcome. The professors even took time to talk to me, with the directing preofessor even asking me my opinion on a one-act that we saw rehearsed for the class.

I stayed over with my friend Chris Booth, and we watched the snow falling on Richmond. This morning I set out at 10, and took the Interstate back to Lexington. As I mentioned before, it took me about as long to get back to Lexington as it did to go to Richmond via US 60. This despite the crappy condition of I-64, a werck that slowed everything up badly, and my damn near sliding off the road on a couple of occasions.

The funny thing is, when I got home I realized that somehow I had grabbed Chris' wallet by mistake when I left this morning. I Express Mailed it back to him this afternoon, and I made some chicken soup for Kathy and I to nosh on for dinner in our little house surrounded by snow and ice.

I'm pleased by how things have gone the past few days; I'm just glad that I get to sleep in my own bed tonight. Between being at Carol's place in NC, and couch-surfing due to visitation (Chris'), and sickness (my Honey-Bunny-Bear), I haven't slept in our bed in more than a week. Nitey-nite all! :)

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