Tuesday, December 10, 2002

What's shakin'? Well...

I'm spending the next few days cleaning up the house 1) on general principle, and 2) in expectation of the cat sitter we should have dropping by whilst we are on Christmas vacation. I finally got 95% of the walkway by our house cleared off just in time to hear that we have another winter storm watch set for tonight. Whoopee.

I've also been sleeping away from Kathy for the past couple of days. The reasons are that I have some nasal congestion, I snore, and Kathy has had to put in some long hours lately. It's only temporary, but still... I miss my honey bunny at night! WAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! *sucks thumb*

In happier news, I have finally determined what to do with my Xanga blog site. Go here to find out. :)

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