Monday, December 16, 2002

Back from the mountains, and it's in the 50s here. The snow we had almost two weeks ago is nearly gone now, and I can finally take off the garbage (yay).

Kathy and I had lunch today at a place called Spanky's, which is kinda like Macado's, which is sorta kinda like Ruby Tuesday... anyway, if/when any of you guys make it up here, I/we'll take you.

In any case, on our way back to her office we stopped at a place called CocoaMill Chocolates. It's a little shop in town that specializes in making FRESH chocolates. Swear to god, this is some of the best chocolate I have ever put in my mouth. We got some Jack Daniels-filled truffles for Kathy's stepfather, almond bark and a wine-filled chocolate for me, and some white chocolate cranberry bark for her. Yet another reason to love Lexington. :)

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