Friday, December 13, 2002

Me and Kath and the Heather girl are in Blowing Rock, surrounded by Westies and waiting for the snow that just may keep us here past tomorrow. Oy.

Kathy had her first of two voice lessons this afternoon, and I suppose it went okay. All's I know is I spent four hours with her in the Toyota listening to her practicing all the way. There ARE worse things, y'know! ;)

May I make a cuisine suggestion? Next time you're out and about and find yourself in a Denny's, order the Ranch Chicken Melt. Tres magnifique! Or, if you're looking for something more "breakfasty", get the Breakfast Dagwood. We had both on our way to NC today, and were most satisfied.

*patiently waits for the lifetime supply of Denny's that will surely come from this gratuitous plug*

Anyhoo, I'm putting up my first list on the other blog. Link's on the right, listed as "CL&L". Enjoy!

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