Thursday, November 15, 2001

Well, well, well, I finally get to update my blog. How's that for a kick in the head?

Things at work are okay, I guess. Business is really starting to slow down. That, and we're getting ready to open up the new Boone location combine to put just the slightest edge on the working environment at Mike's. I'm still trying to find a new job somewhere else (so I can have my evenings free) but so far, no dice.

Kathy is stressing big time right now. She's been in rehearsals all this week for the night of scenes that her Opera Workshop class is presenting tonight and tomorrow. I went Monday night to watch a rehearsal and all I can say is "clusterf*@k". Figure it out for yourself. In any case, she's asked me to come see it Friday rather than tonight, so I can see the best show possible. Other than that, she has to worry about a Collegium Musicum recital Sunday and her juries next month, and papers, and all sorts of stuff. *kisses Kathy on the forehead* Poor baby.

As for myself, today I'm "hermiting it"; I'm taking the day to clean up my place, do laundry, spend quality time with the pets, etc. Man, this place is a mess! Hopefully, I'll get to where it's in a somewhat presentable shape by this evening.

I've decided not to buy Loretta's car. It's nice (nicer than mine, at least), but she wants $1000 down. I'm having trouble holding onto $100 right now, so I think I'll have to pass this offer up. :(

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