Sunday, May 5, 2002

Well, the trip to Richmond was pretty good, although it took longer than I expected. I met up with my old buddy Chris Booth while I was up there. Found up that he and his girlfriend Stacie had broken up a couple of months ago, as have Matt and Miranda. Otherwise, Booth is doing fine up in Virginia; he's thinking of moving to NYC in the fall to further his acting career.

My audition went well, I think. The casting director toold me just to relax and take it easy. They were videotaping it and told me to start over if I needed to, which I did. We had a substantial talk afterwards and I got a lot of information about the company and touring. I don't know if I'll take the gig if/when they make me an offer, but I think this was a good experience in general.

Afterwards, Booth and I went to see Spiderman at the local multiplex. Good movie, if I say so myself. Tobey Maguire did a good job of capturing the young, just-starting-out-as-a-superhero Peter Parker. The effects were pretty nice too.

That's all for now. No Friday Five, obviously, but maybe this coming week. :)

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