Thursday, May 23, 2002

Day 5 of vacation finds me here, back again at the internet cafe/ice cream shop checking my blog comments and e-mail. Kathy, her mom and I went to see her 94-year old grandmother in the nursing home the other day. Flora didn't speak much, and she hardly recognized Kathy, but when Kathy told her we were getting married, Flora's face just beamed with happiness. :)

Later that evening Kathy and I went to the beach to watch the sunset and collect shells. I took some great shots of Kathy and the sun. My first West Coast sunset! *sniffle*

Yesterday was a fun one as we took off for Busch Gardens. The park wasn't very crowded (we attributed that to midweek and most kids being in school) so the waiting lines for the rides weren't very long. The best one of them all was the Montu, what I like to call a "dangling" roller coaster. We rode it twice and loved it both times. We also got drenched on the Congo River Rapids.

We ended the day shopping; I bought Kathy a Hello Kitty mermaid, and she bought me a...

*pause for dramatic effect*

...a NeoPet plushie!!!! It's a Cybunny, and he/she is gonna go great with the rest of the bunnies we have at home. :) We came home and were passed out by 10pm.

In any case, we're off to have some more fun. Next report from the road should be sometime Saturday. Have fun, y'all!

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