Thursday, May 2, 2002

An intersting day. First Kathy and I went to counseling, where we basically had a better time through it than we've had since we started going. Of course, we both cried some while we were in there, but I think it's been beneficial for the two of us to be able to talk to someone about our relationship without the conversee taking one side or another.

Later, Kathy took off for Knoxville for her job interview tomorrow. Unfortunately her brakes went out as she got on the other side of Elizabethton and she had to be towed back to Boone. Due to the crappy weather, and due to the fact that she's already put in a long day of working, schooling and waiting for a tow truck, Kathy is going to have to wait until next week to interview.

I just hope this isn't a portent for my own travels tomorrow. Friday Five soon...

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