Thursday, May 16, 2002

Less than 48 hours until we head to Florida for vacation, and we have done NOTHING to pack yet. It will be done though. :)

Kathy's interview went great. She's one of two finalists for the UT job. She has an interview next week for the job at Washington and Lee. Me? I'll just be happy to go anywherer else but here.

I'm changing my mind regarding the job at Lees-McRae this summer. I'm of the opinion that I want to go traveling this summer, and that's especially strong considering that I have someone to travel with. Plus, I can make more than I would at LMST if I work a couple of nights a week at either Storie Street or Mike's. I haven't sent my signed contract back to them yet. I may send a letter of withdrawl instead. Besides, if Kathy ends up getting these jobs, we may have to spend July moving to a new town.

Another post before we leave for vacation, I swear.

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