Sunday, May 26, 2002

Day 8, and I (we) are now at my parents' house in Davisboro, GA. We'll be headed back to Boone later this afternoon, and after a night's rest, Kathy heads to Lexington VA for a job interview.

The last couple of days were fun. We went to an aquarium, where we petted a stingray (friendly, but slimy). We spent some time at the beach looking at the sunset and looking for shells. Yesterday we went to Clearwater Beach and spent some time wading around. The waters there are the clearest (thus the name) that I have ever seen in an ocean. It was almost like stepping into a Carribbean travel brochure.

The trip back here yesterday evening was L-O-N-G! Kathy has sworn that next time we go down there, we are going by way of Savannah, but I plan to go her one better. Next time, we are FLYING! In any case, much thanks to Mike Adams, my buddy at Busch Gardens, for the passes to the park, and to Kathy's parents for the use of their condo.

Next report will be coming from Boone, lest something interesting happens in the next few hours.

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