Friday, January 11, 2002

Yesterday I went to pick up my check from Mike's and see if I could come in to work that night. I had taken the night off just in case I did go to SC. When I got there, though, I received a nasty surprise.

My friend and former co-worker Matt Jenkins died of a heart attack Wednesday night. He was 35. I had worked with Matt for almost a year at the Banner Elk Mike's. It was nice to have a guy my age to talk to, especially with all the younger waitresses buzzing around and gossiping. We could be talking seriously about important world issues one minute, and the next Matt would be hitting on one of the waitresses.

After he left the restaurant, I didn't see him that often, and I lost touch with him. Last month I learned that he had moved in with the head waiter at Mike's, and that he was actually gay. I can't say that I was especially surprised by this. Just last week, Alecia (my hairdresser, Mike's co-worker, and friend of both of us) told me that Matt was coming back to work at Banner Elk. Needless to say, the news of his death hit me a little hard.

Now I've lost two friends in a week's time. I need to go and think for a while.

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