Tuesday, January 15, 2002

An interesting past few days. First of all, our latest feline acquisition, Lovecat, has been stricken with diarhhea. We're thinking we might have to take her back to the Humane Society if it doesn't clear up soon. Pity, because she's probably the sweetest natured of the three cats.

Last night Kathy and I went to ASU to participate in App Chorale. She's taking the class, and I went as an interested community member. We'll be doing the second and third acts of Handel's Messiah. Of course, the first passage we rehearsed as a group was the "Hallelujah" chorus. It was nice to be in a mass choral setting, as well as having something to do at night besides sling fish and watch TV.

While I was there, I saw a notice for auditions for Oklahoma! on Feb. 2. I'm thinking of auditioning, even though it's "only" community theatre. Of course, it all depends on whether or not I get a day job between now and then.

On a more positive note, I will be going to Charter Cable (the local cable TV pusher in this area) tomorrow, and I will be reading a script for a voiceover. I went last week to talk with the head of production there about a possible editing job, and he said he would keep me in mind for V/O and commercial work. The V/O pays $25 an hour with a one hour minimum. Hopefully this will lead to something more in line with my degree.

Unpacking continues, slowly but surely. I made a big dent in my pile of boxes over the weekend, but I still have a buttload of clothes to bring over somtime soon. The thing is, I still need another bookshelf and my chest of drawers to get it all stored safely.

Finally, I rebuilt a bridge that I had burned a while back last week. Well, actually, I waved at the person on the other side. There is still a way to go before I can become friends with her again, but through the tears of tragedy, it was nice that we were able to at least do SOME bonding over our shared loss. More later.

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