Tuesday, January 22, 2002

T-minus four days, and I feel as if I'm going crazy by proxy. Kthy is freaking out over EVRYTHING, from money, to her complexion to schoolwork to the house to weight to cats to... and oh yes, this little thing going on Friday called a RECITAL! Good God almighty, if it weren't for the fact that I love her so much...

We spent a major part of the day getting things together for her recital, as well as getting her car to and from the shop. Turns out that the flat tire she got Sunday was easy (and free) to fix, but her brake job turned into a job.

Set of new brakes... $300
New CV joint... $150
Tire repair... $0

Sleeping in late Saturday with no recital to worry about... PRICELESS (I hope) :)

I have a headache. Talk amongst yourselves...

Yes, ellipses ARE my friend, why do you ask?

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